Heavy Haul Transportation Services

Crane & Rigging

Heavy Haul Transportation PetroStar Equipment has affiliations with a diverse group of transportation companies. We offer transportation equipment capable of hauling oversized, overweight vessels for our customers delivering one piece of equipment or a complete dismantled process plant.
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Crane and Rig PetroStar Equipment resources operate and maintain crane equipment that ranges from 25 ton to 650 tons in capacity. Personnel are dedicated to safely completing every job and with professionalism.
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Equipment Refurbishment

Equipment Dismantling & Relocation

Dismantling PetroStar Equipment offers process equipment “As Is” or refurbished per customer’s required modifications and re-certifications. All work is done per ASME code, Section VIII with “U” and “R” stamp capabilities.
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Dismantling PetroStar Equipment services handle individual pieces of equipment or a complete process unit. Specialized equipment is utilized to safely remove and load equipment on transports using trained and experienced personnel, professionally matchmark all equipment and accessories for re-construction at the new location. >> Request More Information

Propane Tanks / Slug Catchers

Inspection Services

Propane Tanks Propane tanks offered are from 10,000 gallons to 120,000 gallons – 250 psig rated capacity. Slug catchers are offered in capacities stated above & design ratings from 100 psi to high pressure requirements. We can deliver pre-owned or new vessels to fulfil any project scope.
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Inspection Services PetroStar Equipment provides experienced and qualified inspection of process equipment. Inspection can be per customer specification to evaluate the integrity of the equipment and engineering drawings.

PETROSTAR has a professional staff with over 29 years of experience in the surplus process equipment industry. Contact us today and inquire how we can help you with your next project.